Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a city rich in history and proud in its heritage. With its memorials, monuments and historical sites making it a must-see place for every visitor, it is also great value for money with many of its iconic sights and museums free of charge! Offering activities and attractions for everyone, very few cities in the world provide the same access to world-class museums, one-of-a-kind events and incredible displays as Washington, DC.

The Big Apple, Niagara And Washington, D.C. – Escorted Tour

Where the North and South United

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Eastern Values

Multi-Centre Fly-Drive Experience

Colonial America

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Coast to Coast Adventure

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American Historic Highways

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Washington, DC Highlights

Monuments and memorials
No trip to Washington, DC is complete without touring its celebrated monuments and memorials. At the heart is the National Mall, a two-mile green expanse from the US Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial. Along the way, visitors will see the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the World War II Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial to name a few. While visitors can freely discover these attractions on their own, a tour offers a way to learn the history associated with each.
When visiting Washington, DC, you should know you’re entering a city where locals love to hike, walk and play outside. If you want to eat healthy, explore nature or tap into the city’s local fitness bug, you can do it all in Washington, DC. Recreation is also plentiful. DC’s ultimate outdoor mecca is Rock Creek Park, a 4.4-square-mile expanse that includes numerous trails for hiking, biking and exploring, plus a nature centre, picnic areas, riding stables, tennis courts and historic site Peirce Mill. Enjoy kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding at Key Bridge Boathouse. Experience the tranquillity of floating on the water combined with breathtaking views of DC’s monuments, Teddy Roosevelt Island’s wildlife and the Georgetown Waterfront. Bring a picnic for a post-paddle lunch by the water.

Washington, DC Experiences

Dining out
Dig in to one of the hottest restaurant scenes in the nation. When you visit the nation’s capital, you’ll experience a food scene as colourful and eclectic as America itself. That means you can expect each meal at every restaurant to be different. From crave-worthy dishes served by celebrity chefs to world-famous chili bowls served from a diner, DC’s local flavour only has one thing in common: it’s all delicious. The city received its first Michelin Guide in October 2016, signifying to the world what the locals already know: it’s a true culinary destination.
Dupont Circle
Explore Dupont Circle and you’ll discover dozens of bistros, bars, boutiques and museums, as well as the vibrant stretch along 17th Street. This cosmopolitan neighbourhood offers a little something for everyone. An array of unique shops and exciting restaurants along Connecticut Avenue, one of the busy streets in the neighbourhood, is exciting enough to keep you going all day. Or why not join the throngs of locals on Sundays who visit the year-round Dupont Circle farmers’ market in front of the Metro station entrance on Q and 20th streets.
International Spy Museum
A visit to the International Spy Museumis a must – there’s something for the spy in all of us. Guests adopt a cover, break codes, identify disguised spies and become the subjects of covert surveillance throughout their visit. Through intense interactive experiences and immersive environments, the museum examines actual events, reveals true stories and presents hundreds of authentic tools of the spy trade.
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