Part of twin-island nation Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua’s combination of natural beauty, outdoor activities, cultural experiences and friendly atmosphere makes it a highly appealing holiday destination – whether you want to be active or simply unwind on a palm-fringed beach. There is hardly a hotel on the island that does not enjoy a fabulous oceanfront setting. Antigua’s close historical links with Britain have left a legacy of interesting places to visit, nowhere more so than English-Harbour, one-time haven for Admiral Nelson. There is also abundant nature. The island’s interior is lush with tropical forests, hiking trails and opportunities for eco-tourism. Hike up to the Signal Hill and Boggy Peak for breathtaking views.

Antigua Highlights

Beaches and water sports
Antigua boasts 365 soft, white-sand beaches, one for every day of the year and all of them lapped by crystal-clear waters and perfect for sunbathing, swimming or snorkelling. Its most famous beaches include Dickenson Bay, Half Moon Bay and Jolly Beach. Antigua is also a paradise for water enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy sailing, yachting, windsurfing, kitesurfing and diving the coral reefs that encircle it. The island hosts the renowned Antigua Sailing Week, which attracts sailors from around the world.
Historic and natural sights
Antigua has a rich history, and you can explore historical sites such as Nelson's Dockyard - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - as well as Shirley Heights and Fort James. They all provide an insight into the island's storied colonial past. Among its natural riches is Devil's Bridge, a natural rock arch carved by pounding Atlantic waves that is a protected national park.
Culture and food
Antigua's culture is a blend of African, British and West Indian influences. Visitors can enjoy local cuisine, music and festivals celebrating the island's heritage such as Carnival, a multi-day celebration held in St John's every August. Traditional foods to try include ducana - made from grated sweet potatoes, coconut, spices, and flour, all wrapped in a banana leaf and boiled or steamed - saltfish and fungi, and pepper pot, a spicy meat stew. Washed down with rum punch, of course.
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