Flexible Booking Policy

Travel Credits

We understand that in uncertain and changing times, some customers would prefer to cancel their current holiday for a number of reasons. Should they cancel they would normally forfeit any money paid but under our Flexible Booking Policy, we will issue a Travel Credit that ensures that the customer does not lose their money and also protects the travel agents’ commission. The Travel Credit is subject to the following conditions: 

  1. Can only be redeemed through the travel agency making the original booking  
  1. Valid for 2 years from the date of issue 
  1. Must be used to book another holiday of the same or greater value  
  1. It is non-refundable and non-transferable 
  1. A new ATOL Certificate will be issue as soon as the Travel Credit is used to re-book another holiday 

Please note that booking balances must be received by USAirtours on before the due date or the booking will be cancelled but under our Flexible Booking Policy monies paid will not be forfeit but converted into a Travel Credit for later customer use. 

Re-Bookings with a Travel Credit

If a customer wishes to re-book using an existing Travel Credit, we are now able to book certain destinations until December 2023. Please note that under our Flexible Booking Policy any Re-booking is non-refundable and should we have to cancel it for Covid-19 related reasons, the customer will only have the option of either re-booking again or taking a Travel Credit. 

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