There is nothing more quintessentially American than the cowboy.

There is nothing more quintessentially American than the cowboy, conjuring images of horseback riding through rugged terrain, cattle-drives, and sitting round a smouldering campfire as the sun sets. A ranch holiday will give you the opportunity of experiencing a little of that lifestyle, but instead of turning in weary from the day’s travails, you’ll be able to look back on the fun and activities offered at one of our fabulous featured ranches.

Ranch Breaks from


per person

There are several different types of ranch where you can holiday, from working ranches where guests are invited to join in the daily business of farming, to luxury ranches, whose facilities are as good as any you will find at an upscale hotel. A ranch holiday will guarantee good, hearty meals throughout the day, whether at the ranch or in the outback, and your hosts will always extend a warm, ranch-style welcome. No matter where you stay, horseback riding will feature high on the agenda, whether taking a sunrise stroll through the cacti or an evening gallop as the sun goes down.

Dude Ranches and what’s included

Dude Ranches are geared towards the holidaymaker, and can accommodate up to 100 guests – sometimes more – typically offering a whole host of outdoor activities, from hiking nature trails to mountain biking along the trails and paths. Naturally the inclusions vary from ranch to ranch but those we have chosen for you all include three meals a day, beginning with dinner on arrival and ending with breakfast on your day of departure. Some ranches also include beer and wine with dinner. Horseback riding will always be included in your stay – often two rides per day – as will a full programme of activities, for adults and children alike.

What if I haven’t ridden before?

The answer to this is simply that it doesn’t matter. Our selection of ranches caters for riders of all ages and abilities and if you’ve never before mounted a noble steed, this is a great place to try for the first time. If you don’t fancy going out riding at any time, there are always plenty of other activities for you to choose, from swimming to tennis, maybe a spot of fishing, or even some white-water rafting. A ranch holiday is not just about horse riding – there is so much more to enjoy! 



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